Welcome to Kirstin's Kitchen catering!


You have found your catering supplier to transform any event into a gourmet success your guests will always remember.

We are especially committed towards sustaining the excellence of our service and hence, the happiness of our clients. 

Typically, our functions include weddings, birthdays, parties, corporate events, picnics and lunches. However, with 6 years in catering services, we've done most things: funerals, christenings, stork teas, high teas, year end function and all manner of other events.

"We guarantee you competitive pricing, delicious food and great service"

Our business has grown through great word-of-mouth. We never run out of food and our quality is first rate. We care about how food tastes and looks and we value healthy food. We work to maintain a high standard in everything we provide. The quality of food we serve your guests will reflect well on your judgement as a host, hostess or business.

Please call with any questions; we're happy to help, whether or not we end up doing your catering.